Monday, March 8, 2010

Maximum Shiny

That there picture at the top of the page is Maximum ShinyTM. It's a recreation of a 10th century Byzantine relic pouch which looked like this:
From Hugh Tauerner's Tap Room

On mine the blue brocade is tablet woven (by me) out of 60/2 silk and faux-gold thread. The drawstring, strap and dangly bits are all tablet woven also by me and also out of 60/2 thread. The bag is lined with coffee-coloured silk and the seams and eyelets were all sewn by my own fair hands. The original was 14.3cm by 14cm. Mine is 14 x17cm. The original fabric is silk brocade, mine is a remnant from the local fabric store and at $2.99/yd most definitely not silk.

I'm going to replace the strap with a longer one and add a few more dangly bits. Just today I worked out how they did the divided cords. All in all I'm quite happy with it. It's my first serious attempt at making a recreation of an actual historical item. There's something in the order of 36 - 40 hours work in that -- most of it spent in making the two brocaded bands which are based on a 13th century piece of tablet woven brocade. Mine is a little bigger than the original (0.8cm wide vs. 0.5cm wide).  Even working at that scale, brocade is not all that difficult, it's just somewhat time consuming.

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