Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's all in the structure.

Seriously. Structure rules.

Without a good understanding of the structure of what you're making, whether it's tailoring, weaving, spinning, or knitting, all the fancy stuff is luck and guesswork.

My preferred method of stress relief and boredom reduction is knitting. Socks being my favorite portable and (usually) mindless knitting project which I can carry around with me and work on when I need something to fidget with. Because I've been knitting socks for a while, and knitting in general for a lot longer, I understand the structure of socks. I know where the stresses and wear will occur, I know how to adapt the basic tube-with-a-right-angle-bend shape to accommodate differences in individual's feet. I'm not quite at the level of being able to come up with something like Skew, but I can see how she did what she did. And one of these days, I'll knit me a pair of Skew socks. Just because.

I'm not there with tablet weaving yet. I'm beginning to grasp how it works, but I've got to do a lot more playing with string before I reach the point where I have a good understanding of the structure and mechanics of the art. With that in mind, I've got a short warp on my practice loom. It's some 10/2 tencel which is variegated shades of grey, blue, green and gold. I'm just messing about with it, but I'm already beginning to see how the structure of the weaving works with the space-dyed colours of the warp and I'm starting to be able to see how this is going to work in the finished piece. I don't yet have enough done to post pictures, but I will.

In the meantime I'll leave you with Mr. Louis Sullivan:
From Miscellaneous

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