Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I like Pi(e)

Pi is a nice function. Pie is frequently delicious.

Today's Pi is the Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl, which I am knitting out of Cherry Tree Hill superwash sock yarn. I have about 1,500 yards in a lovely purple/blue/green colourway. Here -- take a look:
From Knitting and stuff

From Knitting and stuff

Pretty isn't it?

The actual colours are a bit lighter than the top picture, but not as light as the bottom one. Last time I knit a pi shawl, I knit it from my own handspun. About 10 years ago. I still have it, it's huge -- almost 6' in diameter and I used up every last scrap of the handspun yarn. There's actually a couple of inches of the border that have been knit up using a totally different yarn because I ran out!. I don't have any good pictures of it, but one of these days.

So why, am I suddenly knitting a shawl (as well as the perpetual socks and the other projects on hand)? Well, I just spent a few days incarcerated in the cardiac ward of my local large community hospital. They do that when you show up in the ER at 6:00am with chest pains and a blood pressure composed of irrational numbers (not pi, much more irrational than that!). Being an inpatient is hard work. Especially if you're naturally impatient (as I am) so suspecting I'd be admitted, I grabbed a skein of sock yarn, dpns and the pattern for a pi shawl before I headed off to the ER.  II also took the socks I was working on for my dear son and which needed only an inch or so of leg and the cuff finishing. Once I was admitted and they'd finished hooking me up to machinery, taking blood and X-rays, I settled in and started knitting.

Better than any blood pressure medication is knitting!

They could find nothing wrong and my BP responded to the enforced rest, knitting and quite possibly also to the medication. So after 3 days, during which I had a 24/7 EKG hookup, an echocardiogram, and a nuclear stress test -- which involves 2 CAT scans, a treadmill and radioactive isotopes, TPTB decided to send me home. I took the weekend off, but I'm back at work now.

My BP seems to be settling down at a fairly acceptable number. I'm certainly feeling much more relaxed and rested. And I have the beginnings of a very pretty shawl as well.

During my incarceration, I got a visit from the chaplain's office. The lady who visited me saw me knitting away happily and although she didn't come out and say so, was hinting very heavily that I should either donate it to their prayer shawl collection, or join their prayer shawl knitters. I think not. It will be a gift I'm sure -- after all I don't really wear shawls all that often -- but it'll be my gift to a recipient of my choice.

Now, can someone please tell me where I put the Anoukh baby dress and the Herbivore scarf I was knitting a while ago? I can't find either of them and I really need to get them finished!

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