Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fish hat! Fish Hat! Roly-poly Fish Hat!

I finished this Fish Hat yesterday:

From Knitting and stuff

The pattern is from Knitty

The colours are those of the Northern Army of the SCA and the eyes are the Northern Army emblem sewn onto white felt. It's a gift for the 2-yo daughter of some friends of mine -- the dad is a member of the Northern Army and the daughter already has a Northern Army blanket and a battleaxe -- both crocheted by a mutual friend.

I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn for this as the mom has a wool allergy. And toddler stuff needs to be machine washable.

I'm very happy with the way it came out. So are some of my friends -- I posted it to FB and have had two requests to knit it. The first will be in burgundy and gold -- the SCA arms colours of the recipient. The other one will be pretty random. Both of them will be in my go-to yarn: Cascade 220 as I have a lot of it.
 I also finished a hat for myself over the weekend. Just a basic ribbed watchcap in Noro Silk Garden:
From Knitting and stuff

From Knitting and stuff

I was a bit disappointed that I only got the one purple stripe in the hat, but it fits nicely and is beautifully warm.