Monday, September 27, 2010

A story...

See Hugh.

See Hugh knit.

Knit Hugh! knit!

Hugh likes to knit. It makes him happy! We like Hugh to be happy. We like everyone to be happy!

Hugh is knitting a sock. It is a black sock with complicated cables. It is for a lady. The lady will like the sock. She will be happy! Her feet will be happy! This will make Hugh happy too!

Hugh is knitting fast. See the sock growing on the needles. It is getting quite big.

Wait! What is happening?

Hugh is not knitting. Hugh is staring at the sock. No, he is peering very closely because it is a black sock and it is hard to see the stitches.

Now Hugh is saying bad words. Lots of bad words. Lots of very bad words! Quick children! Cover your ears! You do not want to hear these bad words.

See Hugh frog. 

The sock is getting smaller. Hugh is undoing all his hard work. There is a mistake near the beginning of the sock. 

Rippit Hugh! Rippit!

Now Hugh has no sock to knit. 

Hugh is sad. Sad. Sad. Sad.

But not for long! Hugh can knit the sock again. This time he will not make mistakes. This time the sock will be beautiful.

See Hugh.

See Hugh knit!

Knit Hugh! Knit!

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